Pretty Petty. And HUGE.

I used to live in South Africa when there still was apartheid. They had grand apartheid (the homeland politics and the attempt to separate black and non-black people in the political realm) and petty apartheid (the everyday apartheid, e.g. separate liquor stores, separate busses, separate toilets). Usually, petty apartheid is explained as “little” apartheid – from the French word “petit” (Afrikaans does have a few elements, words and grammar, from the French, brought to South Africa by the Huguenots).

But – it was really very petty. Like not letting somebody who had a darker skin colour than you eat from the same plates, drink from the same cups. Like having public swimming pools for light skinned people only. The signs said: “Net blankes” – “Whites only”. Like not allowing people with darker skin colour in the parks in the cities and towns – I remember street races in Pretoria where the black participants had to run around the parks on a different course.

All rather petty, don’t you think?

FOWC with Fandango: Petty

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